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Keep it simple: three suggestions for achieving positive mental health

Published on July, 22nd 2018
By Greg Wells

I often hear from clients, audiences and my followers on social media that they get overwhelmed by all the mental health suggestions coming at them. I can totally relate. Sometimes, we just need to keep it simple.

Here are three core priorities for positive mental health.

1) Take care of your body
Despite the tendency to believe that our emotional and mental states are separate from our bodies, the reality is that we are integrated beings. If you want to take care of your mental health, start by taking care of your body through high-quality food, deep sleep and regular exercise.

2) Create a positive environment around you
Your environment has a huge effect on you. Ask yourself if everything around you is supporting your wellbeing. How is the space where you sleep? How close is your gym or wherever you exercise? What kind of food is in your kitchen? What media do you consume regularly? What are you reading? Who are you following on social media?

Then ask yourself the most important question: who are the people around you? Avoid spending time with people who are negative, who complain, who see the downside of everything or who, worst of all, are toxic. Even if they are close friends or family members, you need to limit your contact with them. On the flip side, look for people who elevate you, encourage you, and inspire you. That will get you on your way to leading an amazing life.

3) Learn how to engage in positive self-talk
Being positive toward yourself is one of the hardest – and most important – skills to learn. No matter how much you work at it, it will always be a challenge. I know. Despite spending so much time coaching people to be positive, I quite often beat myself up about missteps or not achieving enough. But I find that if I work at it each day, I make consistent progress with influencing my thoughts. Do some homework about best practices in positive thinking, and you can make big progress in how you handle challenges and stress.

I hope you enjoyed this article!

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