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Scared Sh__less at 218 km / hr

Published on October, 7th 2013
By Dr. Greg Wells

Yes that’s right. I was in the back of a racecar piloted by the legendary Ron Fellows. Want to read how good he is a racing? Check out his webpage.  Cred means speed. And speed for me meant a lot of screaming and holding on for dear life.

Watch the Video here:

It also meant riding in the back of a wicked cool car. This car:


Here’s Ron getting interviewed before about how much fun he is going to have scaring the crap out of me and Dan Riskin from Discovery Channel:


And Dan wondering what he’s got himself into:


Why on earth were we doing this? Because it’s Adrenaline week on Discovery Channel and we wanted to find out what happens to the body when its pumped full of adrenaline. So we all strapped heart rate monitors to ourselves, strapped ourselves in the back of the supercharged 600 HP Camero and flung ourselves around a track at 218 km/hr in the name of science.

Here’s what my HR profile looked like vs speed:


Dan’s HR was about the same as mine – we peaked at 110 beats per minute. My resting HR is about 50 – so that’s twice my resting value – what I would normally get when I’m out for a jog. Ron what actually higher – he hit 130. That was not what we expected actually. I would have thought that that experienced race car driver would have been lower. But then I also considered that he was working the car, steering, changing gears, balancing himself and also holding on against the G-Forces. So he was probably working a lot harder physically than Dan and I were.

Pretty fun stuff.   If you want to see the videos check out Discovery Channel Daily Planet on Wednesday October 9 at 7 pm EST.  They’re pretty awesome. I’ll post the link here once it’s up.

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