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Think + Learn = Thrive.

Published on July, 22nd 2018
By Greg Wells

Helping people think better is thrilling, especially when it comes to making the connection between learning and joy. In particular, I love helping people explore their ability to take in different perspectives and the positive impact it can have on their wellbeing.

Recently, while I was doing some work with a group of educators, I shared an article written by Peter Diamandis about the future of education and the impact technology will have in the classroom. It was fascinating to see how people reacted.

About 10% of the people were furious, offended and insulted. Their perspective was that Diamandis disparaged them as educators and discredited the work they were doing. Meanwhile, about 50% of the people responded with, “Hey, that’s a really interesting article. Thanks for sharing that.” The other 40% were initially upset, but once we had discussed the article a bit, they were able to wrap their heads around what they could learn from it. In particular, that final group got to the point where they were able to consider a viewpoint different from their own.

What was really interesting was the vibe of the various groups. As you would expect, the ones who were stuck in anger and resistance were generally pretty negative – and that negativity consumed them during and after the session. Conversely, those who were open to the new ideas and interested in exploring them were supportive, connected and highly engaged.

We are energized and inspired when we engage in debate, conversation, alternative perspectives and collaboration. But when we are stuck in our own worldview and closed off to anything that differs from our way of thinking, the opposite tends to occur. We become isolated and rigid in ways that negatively affect our wellbeing.

That’s why lifelong learning is such a powerful tool. In my own life and career, many of my happiest experiences came when I was deeply immersed in advancing myself – as an athlete, student, researcher or speaker and author. Exploring the limits of your knowledge and stimulating yourself with new experiences is a wonderful source of positivity and confidence.

Whatever you are into, just go deep and learn. Start reading great books. Read about incredible people. Find something you’re passionate about and become a student of that topic, whether it is finger painting, swimming, business, or ancient civilizations. It doesn’t matter. Just capitalize on the power of learning as a source of joy.

I hope you enjoyed this article!

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