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You get to decide how you consume media, news and technology

Published on July, 22nd 2018
By Greg Wells

Recently, I was giving a talk to an audience of a couple hundred people when I was asked to explain my evening routine at home. It starts at six o’clock when I spend an hour or so with my kids, followed by an hour hanging out with my wife, Judith. Around eight, we do some yoga or relax through a hot bath/cold shower combo. By nine, I’m reading fiction or biographies to help my mind wind down and prepare for a high-quality sleep.

When I was finished explaining, I heard someone at the back say jokingly, “I don’t think he has a television.” It’s true. I don’t. I mean, I have an actual TV, but it’s not hooked up to cable. We have Netflix and Apple TV for watching something on a weekend, but we never just turn the TV on for the sake of it. And I never watch the news because it’s constantly negative. I don’t need to hear about the traffic jams, fatalities, murders or political wars. I don’t need to spend half an hour a night flashing my brain with negativity right before I try to fall asleep. Besides, I can catch up on world events in five minutes the next morning via the people I trust on Twitter.

Imagine how different your year would be if you ditched the mindless TV or news and instead watched documentaries or read biographies. You’d be in a very, very different place.

It’s called the Media Psychology effect. What you consume has a tremendous impact on your mental health. It’s why I constantly encourage people to audit the media they consume and make choices that support their wellbeing and achievement.

There will always be a steady supply of every kind of messaging out there. If you want to consume hateful messages, they are there for you. If you want to consume racist messages, they are there too. If you want to participate in a culture where the game is to put other people down, you can do it all day long. Or, you can decide that you will only take in what inspires you, puts you in a positive headspace, and gives you confidence and calm.

Ask yourself simple questions: What are you listening to? What podcasts do you consume? What books are you reading? What are your kids tuned into online? Which friends do you engage with on social media? All of those choices have an influence on your ability to surround yourself with positivity.

Whatever it is you choose to consume, it’s really important that it allows you to craft an amazing psychology for yourself through media, books and the people in your life.

I hope you enjoyed this article!

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