#58: Connor Beaton on the power of connection and building ManTalks

Published on February, 7th 2017
By Greg Wells

Hi everyone! This week I had the chance to interview Connor Beaton from ManTalks.

Connor Beaton is the Founder of ManTalks. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Connor comes from an exciting (and eclectic) background ranging from the world of opera to technology sales and management. Connor is a leader, with a dynamic personality, unstoppable energy and charisma which has made ManTalks the success it is today. Connor is passionate and committed to developing others and giving them the tools to create top-performing teams and organizations. Connor has a strong vision for the future of ManTalks, and it is through his leadership that the team strives for success. He is a great listener, constantly curious, fascinated by human performance and always pushing himself and those around him to be their best.

You can learn more about Connor and ManTalks at his website

I hope that you enjoy this chat and find it helpful! Thanks for listening!!!

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