Dr. Greg Wells Podcast #43: All about negotiating with David Dingwall

Published on June, 30th 2016
By Dr. Greg Wells

Hello everyone! Thanks for joining us again! This week I had the opportunity to have a great conversation with my friend and colleague David Dingwall. David is an amazing person. He was elected to Canada’s national parliament (the equivalent of the House of Representatives in the US) at 27 and was re-elected 4 times. He led the development and adoption of the Tobacco Act when he was serving as Canada’s Health Minister. At the time this was the toughest Tobacco legislation in the world.

Since then, he has worked as a lawyer, corporate CEO, corporate Director, and public speaker. He is a visiting Professor at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management where is also leads the Ryerson Negotiation Project.

His current book is called Negotiating So Everyone Wins where David explains approaches and practices that he uses and that twenty of the country’s best deal-makers shared with me through the Ryerson Negotiation Project. These experts include former TD Bank president Ed Clark, NHL Players’ Association head Donald Fehr, former leader of the Canadian Auto Workers Buzz Hargrove, former Ontario Premiers David Peterson and Bob Rae, and former CanWest Global CEO Leonard Asper. He also shares behind the scenes insights from his own experience as a politician, CEO, legal counsel and business advisor.

You can visit David’s website for more information.

I hope you enjoyed the episode. Have a great week.

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