#96 All about Mental Health with Dr. Bill Howatt

Published on March, 8th 2018
By Greg Wells

Hi podcast universe! This week we’re talking all about mental health. To help us figure out this complicated and very important topic I called up my friend Dr. Bill Howatt.

With over 25 years of experience, Bill Howatt Ph.D., Ed.D., Post Doc Behavioral Science, University of California, Los Angeles, Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, RTC, RSW, ICADC, is highly skilled and qualified in strategic HR, mental health and addictions, and leadership. He has published numerous books and articles, such as: TalOp®: Taking the Guesswork Out of Management, the Howatt HR Elements Series, the Wiley Series on Addictions, Human Services Counselor’s ToolboxThe Addiction Counselor’s Desk Reference, and The Addiction Counsellor’s Toolbox. He is the author of Beyond Engagement: The Employee Care Advantage and the creator of the Quality of Work Life (QWL) methodology and survey. He is also the co-author of behavioral engineering, a strategy that is aligned to the QWL that provides guidance on how to lead employees to facilitate behavioral change.

Dr. Howatt founded and authored the Certificate in Management Essentials program and Pathway to Coping, a nine-week coping skills training program for the University of New Brunswick. For five years he authored Coach’s Corner, a monthly business column in The Chronicle Herald. Today he is a regular contributor to the Globe and Mail’s 9 to 5 business career column Leadership Lab. He has also partnered with The Globe and Mail for the national Your Life at Work Study, Quality of Life Survey, Quality of Student Life Survey and publishing of 360 In Vivo, and 13 PHS Factors on-line assessment tools. He is co-creator of V1, an interactive software program used to facilitate the executive coaching process.

Enjoy the conversation!

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