Dr. Greg Wells Podcast #51: Cancer surgeon Dr. Maryam Elmi on cancer, optimal treatments and preventative medicine

Published on November, 8th 2016
By Greg Wells

Hi everyone! This week I interview Dr. Maryam Elmi. Dr. Elmi and I had a great conversation about her work as a surgical oncologist with a specialization in breast cancer, and about cancer in general. We talk about optimal treatment techniques, what its like being a surgeon and also about how we can do better in prevention and treatment of cancers.

Here is Dr. Elmi’s bio in her own words:

Having been an athlete my entire life with a strong interested in health and fitness, I pursued a bachelor degree in Kinesiology at the University of York. Subsequently, I received my medical degree from the University of Toronto in 2011, and I am currently completing my residency in General Surgery. Through my experiences in residency, my enthusiasm to pursue a career in breast surgical oncology grew. In terms of academic interests, I completed a Masters in Clinical Epidemiology and Health Services Research at the University of Toronto. My main focus was conducting clinical outcomes research in the field of surgical oncology. Breast cancer affects many women in our society, and I hope to help improve outcomes and therapies for breast cancer by creating a unique inter-professional platform that allows for collaborative research between preventative techniques and research and cancer surgeons.