#57: Kelly Armatage on Serenity, Healing, and Following Your Dreams

Published on January, 31st 2017
By Greg Wells

This week I talked with therapist extraordinaire Kelly Armatage. As a respected Coach, Therapist, Trainer, Writer and Seminar Facilitator, Kelly’s mission is a simple one; “To guide individuals and companies to heal their inner programming to be great”.

She is a therapist, coach & speaker in the Middle East (and now the USA!) who has facilitated over 10,000 1:1 sessions and hundreds of workshops and seminars. She uses a variety of techniques including cognitive behavioural therapy, neurolinguisitc programming and her own ASK technique that we discuss in the podcast to help people build better mental health and overcome obstacles. She has been featured in The Sunday Express, Huffington Post, Women’s Health and other media publications.

You can learn more about Kelly at her website

I hope that you enjoy this chat and find it helpful! Thanks for listening!!!

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