Dr. Greg Wells Podcast #47: Kevin Snook on health, meditation, systems and living a world class life

Published on September, 27th 2016
By Greg Wells

Welcome back! This week I talk to Kevin Snook. I met Kevin at the Titan Summit in Toronto ( and I was immediately drawn to Kevin’s energy. He is a highly successful business person who can crush the fitness center at any hotel. Which is good because he is on the go traveling all over Asia working on his business.

Here’s a little more about Kevin:

Kevin was born in London, England and grew up in Liverpool. Having had a humble but loving childhood, he chose a university degree in Chemical Engineering and subsequent management position with P&G primarily because they paid well. Although engineering was never really a passion, Kevin did realize that he loved the people interactions in manufacturing. He enjoyed the aspects of the job that many other managers shied away from, the annual job appraisals, disciplinary and performance discussions. He saw each as an opportunity to learn about the individual and what made him or her tick.

After 6 years with P&G, working as a manager in a factory in Manchester, Kevin handed in his resignation. He wanted to see more of the world, live in a different culture and see the sun occasionally. But P&G didn’t let him resign, instead they lured him with a role in Thailand, leading a division of the business in Asia. A two-year assignment led to a love affair with the Asian region and 20 years later Kevin still calls Thailand home.

After 16 years of leading manufacturing groups for P&G, Kevin took a role as Managing Director for a large public company, with 4,000 manufacturing employees and sales to 5 continents. It was during this role that Kevin felt there was so much more to give and wanted to expand his influence in manufacturing.

Having seen hundreds of manufacturing facilities and talked to thousands of frontline employees in over 20 countries, Kevin’s primary motivation was to improve the lives of the front line workforce. He knew that by improving their access to the right information and honing their decision-making capabilities, they could take more control over their own lives. In turn, by making the best decisions on the frontline, they would significantly increase the profitability of the manufacturing companies they worked for.

It was this intention that led to the foundation of Saxagon Limited. For six years Kevin and his team have been improving the profitability of manufacturing companies by changing the role of the frontline employees. Kevin plans to see the concept of ‘Factory workers as tools to get the job done’, replaced with ‘Frontline decision makers’. Whether you call it engagement, empowerment or self-management, the success of manufacturing businesses is in the hands of these frontline employees and Kevin feels we have the obligation to help them grow.

Kevin’s second company, LUCIDi4 delivers Real Time Data direct from the production lines, in an easy to understand format, to the employees, managers and owners so that rapid, smart decisions can be made. This Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 concept is accelerating the capability of the frontline decision makers.

Kevin has five clear priorities in life, his five F’s, in this order.

Fitness (mental and physical)


Finances (including work)

Friends and fun


Kevin has been married to B since 2001 and they have three kids. He feels fitter, healthier and happier now at 48 than at any other time in his life. With balance as his overall objective, Kevin’s schedule reflects these priorities.

Kevin has personal Facebook and LinkedIn pages which are a great way to know more about him:

And a corporate websites:

Manufacturing Real Time Data Analytics

This was a great discussion with lots of brilliant insights into how to live a world class life. I hope you enjoy the conversation. Let me know on twitter @drgregwells.

That’s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed the episode. Have a great week.

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