#66: Co-Creator/Co-Host of Departures and Descending travel TV programs Scott Wilson

Published on June, 6th 2017
By Greg Wells

Hi podcast universe! This week I am diving back into my passion for travel in hopes of inspiring you to get out there and explore the world! To that end I had a chat with Scott Wilson – Co-Creator/Co-Host of Departures and Descending travel TV programs.

Scott’s passion for travel started very early in life. As a child he covered his bedroom walls in maps from National Geographic and would daydream what those places looked like. Now, together with co-creator Andre Dupuis, Scott is seeing a vision for a new type of travel show come to life. Nominated for a Gemini Award for his work on Departures, Scott continues to share his travel experiences with enthusiastic audiences at speaking engagements and through hosting and producing new and upcoming programs.

Scott and Andre have paired their mutual love of scuba diving with their passion for travel in the acclaimed adventure series “DESCENDING” which airs on OLN in Canada and Travel Channel internationally.

Scott continues to challenge himself personally as a producer, diver, motorcycle enthusiast and pilot.

Follow Scott on twitter @scottdescending and on Instagram – scott_departures

Enjoy the conversation!

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