Dr. Greg Wells Podcast #50: All about happiness, overcoming bullying, living with purpose, and leadership with Stu Saunders

Published on October, 25th 2016
By Greg Wells

Well this was a treat. In today’s podcast I bring you Titan Stu Saunders. This is a man who is living life on his own terms and having a powerful positive impact on the world. He runs youth leadership camps, is a public speaker and creates movies that change the world.

Here is more about Stu (in his own words):

Since 1991 Stu has been traveling North America delivering inspirational and hilarious speeches to over two million people in every province, the Yukon, Europe and over 40 US states.

In 2005 Stu was awarded the Canadian Leader of Distinction award recognizing him for his contributions to youth leadership in Canada. In 1999 he was tagged as one of North America’s funniest young comedians.

Stu Saunders is the founder and owner of Youth Leadership Camps Canada (YLCC), a summer camp and leadership training centre. YLCC has worked with over 30,000 youth from more than 25 different countries since 1992.

Stu also runs the largest multi-day youth leadership conference in Canada and is a very proud father of three amazing children.

A Message From Stu

What I believe is fairly simple: I believe that you can change the world.

Each and every day, I believe that we have the power to be the change we want to see. I believe we can make good choices, help others, and make the world we live on a little better each and every day.

And I think we can have a whole lot of fun doing it.

It’s why I created the Youth Leadership Camps Canada program. It’s why I hit the road and talk to thousands of kids a year. It’s why we offer targeted leadership training program, and it’s why we run an annual three-day leadership conference.

It’s because I believe in what you can do.

Leadership comes in many forms. It can be large or it can be small. Some people will move mountains; most will impact smaller change. But everyone out there has the potential to do something positive.

It’s in you. And I, and my team, are committed to giving you the tools, the confidence, and the knowledge to help you do it.

So what do I believe?

I believe in you.

The History of Stu

Stu Saunders attended college for broadcasting and mass media. He received an honourary PhD in Educational Leadership from the University of Mary and was awarded the Leader of Distinction award in 2005.

Stu is the director and owner of Youth Leadership Camps Canada, a leadership development summer camp program that has worked with more then 3000 youth from 18 different countries.

Stu is the owner and founder of the YLCC Leadership Training Centre. A 45-acre facility on the shores of Lake Simcoe, established in 2004. Since then, the centre has become the fastest growing outdoor education and leadership facility in Ontario. This past fall over 1,500 youth experienced programs at the Training Centre.

Stu created and was the editor of Canada’s only national secondary school student leadership publication. The Canadian Spirit was produced and delivered 10 times per year to every high school in Canada for seven years.

Stu launched and was founder of the largest youth web portal in grew in 8 months from an idea to a fully interactive website that was worth over $20 million and had over 100,000 youth world-wide as members.

Stu has spoken to over two million people in over 40 US states, every Canadian province, and the Yukon Territory. He has spoken at every provincial student leadership province in Canada more than once. He has also participated in over 25 state students’ council conventions and both the US and Canadian National Student Leadership Conference.

Stu is the only Canadian speaker who has been asked to be part of the awarding winning Teen Power book series.

Stu is committed to the youth that he works with. He is straight forward and has no hidden costs or fees.

You can check him out at his website, which has links to all his social media and current and upcoming projects.

Here’s a link to Rising Above – his new movie about overcoming bullying. If you’re interested in the movie message Stu though his website.

Thanks for listening!!!

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