#60: Adventurer Tom Fabbri on the Adventure Grand Slam and Living Your Dreams!

Published on February, 21st 2017
By Greg Wells

Hi everyone1 Today I interview my friend Tom Fabbri. Tom understands firsthand the heights we can attain once we give ourselves permission to dare to dream. Whether training to become a helicopter/jet pilot, climbing the world’s Seven Summits, or diving with great white sharks, Tom has learned to harness fear to achieve his dreams. He now uses his unique insight to inspire and motivate others through his books, blogs, and personal coaching/training. The author and international speaker is constantly challenging himself and his body, while acquiring valuable life lessons of inner strength, passion, and motivation.

This is a super cool interview all about his recent journey to the summit of Mt. Vinson Massif. You can read the blog here:

Journey to the summit of Mt. Vinson Massif

And you can listen to this interview where we dive deep into this incredible adventure. I hope you enjoy the conversation!!!

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