Dr. Greg Wells

The Corporate Olympian

Peak performance secrets for business leaders

Dr. Greg Wells, a scientist who specializes in extreme human physiology, draws the parallels between elite athletes and top executives to help business leaders perform at the highest level, even when under the most extreme circumstances.

In this presentation, Dr. Greg Wells shows the audience how the science behind world-class athletes can improve the performance and health of people in the business world.

Olympic athletes train and compete at the highest levels on a consistent basis over many years. They face the pressures and stresses of setbacks, change, travel, competition, and performance on demand, and still find a way to excel. These are the same challenges that are faced by business people, and the tools and techniques that Olympians use can be applied by anyone at any time to ensure success.

This presentation is based on the best-selling book Superbodies: Peak Performance Secrets from the World's Best Athletes.

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The Power of Challenge

How to Overcome Obstacles, Improve Health, and Enhance Resilience

Do you ever look at professional athletes and elite performers and wonder how they manage to do it all? In this inspiring and content-rich keynote presentation, Dr. Greg Wells takes to the stage to show you how they do it and how you can, too. Audience members will learn strategies being utilized by some of the best athletes in the world to stay at their peak performance in many di erent facets of their lives.

The tools, tactics and strategies shared in this powerful presentation can help anyone overcome obstacles, improve health, and enhance resilience. Learn how to turn threat into challenge, distraction into focus, and tension into flow.

This presentation is specifically designed to address mental health and performance. Once put into action, the strategies presented in this keynote can help you think better, feel better, and perform better, allowing you to achieve the life you’ve always imagined.

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The Ripple Effect

Sleep, Eat, Move and Think Better for Exponential Health and Peak Performance

Imagine if work was a place where you went to get healthier and perform to your potential…

There are problems standing in the way of making that dream a reality. The world is faced with 4 inter-related epidemics – sleeplessness, obesity, inactivity and mental illness.

Fortunately, the scientific answers to these problems are available today. Sleep soundly. Eat Smarter. Move More. Think Clearly.

In this keynote (and workshop) Dr. Wells presents the scientific solution to these global challenges. Using stories, research and simple tactics, Dr. Wells clearly outlines how to improve your health, supercharge your life and ultimately reach your full potential.

This presentation is based on Dr. Wells’ new book The Ripple Effect.

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Dream Setting at TEDx 2010

Eat Sleep Move at TEDx UofT

“Dr. Greg Wells is a Titan Summit favorite, back by huge demand. A scientist, human performance expert and bestselling author of Superbodies and The Ripple Effect, Greg will walk you through how the best in the world maximize their energy, grow their performance daily and elevate their longevity so you become undefeatable.” - Robin Sharma - The Titan Summit 2017
“Greg did an amazing job at our conference. We are just finalizing speaker feedback from the evaluations (which will be sent separately), but I can tell you that Greg was our most highly rated speaker with a 4.83 out of 5! 80% of responses noted him as Excellent. I was very pleased with Greg’s performance, even with a power outage at the end of his session, he pulled it off like a pro and I have had many comments that people could have listened to him for another hour! We would highly recommend Greg Wells as a keynote speaker. He is personable, authentic, and relatable. He was able to raise the bar, presenting a common topic with new and interesting facts and personal stories. Our delegates LOVED him and could have listened to him all morning long.” - College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta
“I’m really pleased to let you know that Greg’s talk was amazing. His topic really resonated with our audience and he delivered it with such great energy and enthusiasm. When I looked around the room during his presentation, I could see that everyone’s attention was focused on Greg. All of the feedback I’ve heard has been very positive, and many people approached him afterward to ask him questions, since we ran a bit short on time for Q&A.” - Presentation at the Transportation Association of Canada
"I really enjoyed your talk, and am so interested in learning more. I am a sports enthusiast as well (basketball is my sport) and so I was quite taken with the commonalities between sports and everyday work life. I really love learning about how our bodies work scientifically, and how we can pull the best out of ourselves. I have already implemented many of the suggestions you made both ‘on the court' and in my business life as well.” - Presentation at Scotiabank Convention Centre.
“What a fantastic opening speaker! You have such a gift of weaving the personal with your professional knowledge, of combining heart and humor, and of linking the physical and the mental… My only suggestion: next time bring more copies of your book!” - Presentation at the Ontario Public Supervisory Officials Association.
“I wanted to thank you again for joining us in Scottsdale. You did such an amazing job…everyone loved your session! I had a ton of great feedback afterwards and throughout the past few days.” - Presentation at Sysco Foods.
“Thanks so much for speaking with us! The talk was great last night. It was very informative, humorous and motivating!” - Presentation at the Toronto Triathlon Club.
“I really enjoyed your seminar… I found many things that I can start incorporating into my life immediately. Thanks again for the enjoyable and thought provoking morning.” - Presentation at Rotman Business School.
“I recently attended your presentation last week and felt compelled to write. My interest in what you spoke about resonated on many different levels, not only from an athletic perspective but to everyday performance and healthy living.” - Presentation at Crescent School.
“Thank you so very much for yesterday. Our room full of people LOVED your talk. One of the pieces of feedback that we received actually said “life changing!” - Presentation at Medavie Blue Cross.