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Peak performance secrets from the world's best athletes

Based on the wildly popular segments broadcast during the Vancouver Olympics, Superbodies explores how genetics and DNA, the brain, muscles, lungs, heart and blood work together in extreme conditions. It’s an inside look that draws on Dr. Greg Wells’ research at Sick Kids Hospital and the University of Toronto and more than fifteen years’ experience working with Olympic athletes.

Superbodies is a fascinating explanation of the human body and an easy-to-follow plan that shows how everyone can learn from the pros to improve their health and performance. Dr. Wells explains how the same training techniques that elite athletes follow can be even more effective for most people, what’s happening inside your body when you’re exercising, and fighting illness, what makes elite athletes such as pro-hockey players successful, and what you can learn from them, why little things can add up, and how simple choices can make a huge difference.

Fascinating, easy-to-read and packed with full-colour illustrations and photographs, Superbodies shows how people of all ages and abilities can improve their own health and performance.

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Superbodies is a fascinating explanation
of the human body

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"Greg has a way of taking a complicated science and making it relevant to everyone of us. His understanding of how we work and how we move is important to all of us- and in these pages he tells that story in an interesting and captivating series of anecdotes!" - Ray Zahab, ultrarunner
"The 2012 Olympic games in London bring together thousands of finely tuned athletes from around the world. Less physically honed are the millions of spectators who will watch the events in front of their chosen electronic media. We viewers revere the fitness and elegance achieved by the Olympian minority. Could we ever reach these heights? Much of what was taught in our college gymnasiums or neighbourhood running clubs of past eras has been shown to be ineffective, or even unsafe. Thankfully, by 2012, sports science has grown with a hop, skip and a jump. Enter Greg Wells, a Toronto PhD, physiology professor, sports scientist, coach and a CTV analyst for the London Games." - Winnipeg Free Press
"I've worked with Greg Wells since 2003, he combines his knowledge as Scientist in Exercise Physiology with his experiences as a Athlete in a broad range of physical pursuits ranging from riding a bike from Cairo to Cape Town, to racing at the Canadian Olympic Swimming Trials in 1992. It's that kind of perspective that builds wisdom. Greg's wisdom continues to be a guiding architectural force in training program design for my coach and I. Greg's book is insightful and inspiring, and is an excellent account of the kind of physiology it takes to win." - Adam VanKoeverden, World and Olympic Champion
"Fantastic book Dr. Wells! It is an excellent culmination of interdisciplinary research. I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to use physiology as a tool to reach our maximum potential both in life and in sports. It is definitely a book you must read at least twice. The first time is to get acquainted with the book and the second time is to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of it, especially after applying it to your own life." - CB, from Amazon Reviews