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The Focus Effect


Smartphones debuted only ten years ago, but their impact has been immense. With up-to-the-minute updates on social media, email, and texts, people are more distracted than ever, which is affecting our psychological and physical well-being. To cut through the disruption, high-performing individuals must construct new practices that encourage focus, creativity, and effectiveness.

Greg Wells and Bruce Bowser have perfected the art of unplugging from technology and plugging into reality. In The Focus Effect, they present techniques for sustainable, balanced, and successful routines in all areas of life.

With strategies ranging from practicing healthy mindfulness and meditation, reserving tech-free time, and performing power work, to a revolutionary plan for a hyperproductive workday, Wells and Bowser provide everything needed to activate The Focus Effect in your life. It's time for a worldwide revolution in how we live and work--and The Focus Effect is the jump start you need to be at the forefront of this future.

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The Focus Effect will help you control your attention so you can excel - in your career and life.

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