imagine if someone could creatE a drug that could dramatically lower the risk of cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes? What if this same drug helped us to control our weight and heal our muscles and maKe our bones and joints stronger? what if that same drug could help prevent alzheimer’s disease, fight off depression, AGING, AND MEMORY LOSS?




Sleep is the solution we’ve all been searching for—and it’s free.

People think of sleep as a time of rest when the body and mind “shut down.” But while you’re asleep, a lot is going on. In your dormant state, cortex activity reduces by 40%, but metabolic processes are highly active, optimizing your brain structure. Your body recovers, restores, and rebuilds. It’s where you repair your cells and rebuild your energy levels.

But just as we are learning about the power of good sleep, at the same time we are also learning about a global sleeplessness epidemic. Almost 30% of the population has a sleeping disorder. Sleep deficit leads to ill health and makes it hard to function at a basic level.

So, what’s coming between us and a good night’s sleep?



Get enough sleep.

Sleep is a highly active metabolic process. It restores brain function and repairs our cells. Get enough of it (7-9 hours) and it’s easier to keep off weight. Not enough sleep? Fat cells behave differently. Hormones that regulate appetite go haywire. We crave unhealthy foods, which makes it hard to exercise, which adds to stress, which makes it hard to sleep. That’s The Ripple Effect in reverse. So how do you fight it? Set a bedtime alarm and go to bed before 10 pm in a pitch black room with your thermostat set to 67 degrees F (19 degrees C).